Elle Langer und Heike Raab

Produzentin, Producerin, Regisseurin und Filmemacherin

  • CEO & Partner of Pimento Formate GbR (since 1998) and Pimento Medienproduktions GmbH (since 2000)
  • Executive Producer and Developer of programs for television, webTV and commercials
  • Director of Documentaries and of Reports
  • Guest lector at EMS- Electronic-Media-School -Babelsberg
  • Since 2012 Member of the jury INTERNATIONAL EMMY AWARD© in documentary category
  • Since 2013 Executive Producerin and director for Tof Intermedia GmbH (Köln) www.tof-intermedia.de



Elle Langer has had over 20 years experience in film-making, in TV-productions and in executive production for German and international Broadcasters, both public and private.

Moreover, she has created an extensive and ever-expanding network of experts covering an extensive catalogue of allied professions and other TV-production companies.

Passionately involved, her productions embody quality, innovative concepts, fascinating themes and engaging characters.

Elle Langer has produced several documentary-series and informative entertainment for all age groups. Her production has received great critical acclaim and secured high audience ratings.