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Complex tasks require cooperation: Interviewing Elle Langer, Managing Director Pimento medienproduktions

Complex tasks require cooperation: Interviewing Elle Langer, Managing Director Pimento medienproduktions

The media is in constant change and all players are in a permanent process of adaptation. At the same time, however, you are required to produce innovations yourself. Founder and managing director Elle Langer has successfully undergone this change twice with her Pimento medienproduktions GmbH. Today she is a board member of Virtual Reality Berlin Brandenburg e.V. (VRBB).

Elle Langer, what drives you?

I have always been enthusiastic about developing innovative media projects and telling innovative stories. I want to inspire people, make them laugh and think and at the same time learn something new myself. I have been doing this since 1994 – preferably in teams. Together with various partners we have founded several companies and agencies – including project-related production companies. Two companies are still active today: Pimento Medienproduktions GmbH and the advertising agency smack communication GmbH.

And what exactly does Pimento do?

Pimento exists twofold today. One is the agency Pimento-formate, which develops innovative communication strategies for AR and VR projects. For example, for a public broadcaster or for well-known NGOs. Then there is Pimento Medienproduktions GmbH. We have been producing innovative media projects since 2000. Some of which have won awards. Digitalisation and the tight media market have presented Pimento Medienproduktions GmbH with the challenge of changing. This was primarily my change and consequent development as Managing Director to understand how digital business models work with content. Pimento Medienproduktions GmbH is currently positioning itself as a producer for AR, VR and 360° video projects and digital media. This means that we produce VR and AR projects and 2D videos for innovative campaigns for our customers. There are for example 360°VR-Dokus or AR-Edutainment formats, which are used in the media and for events. The special thing about them is that they emotionalize strongly and thus achieve a high level of attention. We develop communication strategies and supply the campaign solutions for clients as well as advertising agencies. This is new for classic media producers. To this end, we are currently developing further and are cooperating with programmers and 3D technology service providers.

Virtual Reality is your passion. How did you come by it?

In 2014 I first came into contact with the immersive media Virtual and Augmented Reality. I was immediately impressed by the power of VR and AR. Especially what it does to us humans. During my first VR experience I felt my own physical limits, I became dizzy. But after a short time I realized that I could “feel” myself in VR at special places. For example, meeting friends at sunset on the beach in Malibu. Or being able to fly suddenly. It feels crazy and magical. This is exactly where I see the potential to produce stories in a new way. I also see new business models for the media industry here, for example in the areas of entertainment, communication and education. The same also applies to augmented and mixed reality.

You are voluntarily involved in the Virtual Reality Berlin Brandenburg e.V. (VRBB), are on the board of the association. With what goals?

I was fortunate to meet Ernst Feiler (Production Manager UFA) at a media:net event. He told me about the Virtual Reality Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.. From then on, I was involved. In 2016, around 25 established companies, start-ups and research institutions (UFA, Exozet, INVR, Fraunhofer-HHI, Filmuni Konrad Wolff and many others) founded VRBB. The aim of VRBB is, starting from the capital region, to create an ecosystem for companies already active in the AR and VR sector so that they can continue to grow. In my eyes, VR and AR are the next level of digital transformation. Immersive media are used in almost all industries. They optimize processes, you can learn better and the entertainment value is high. The competition is international. That is why the PRBB positions itself internationally and networks its members with other industries and global players in Europe, the USA and China. All seven board members put a lot of energy into the expansion. I have been a member of the VRBB board since 2017. That made me very happy and I take this task very seriously. Among other things, I coordinate the internal and external communication of the VRBB and promote knowledge transfer among the members. We’re all learning constantly and it’s a lot of fun as well.